Being aware that it carries out operations and transactions on behalf of the public due to its purpose of incorporation and professional activities, 2M A.Ş. targets to adopt the ethical value approach prescribed for public institutions and maintain a life of duty and business appropriate for such approach. In this approach, 2M A.Ş. takes on gaining the confidence of both public institutions and service recipients in order to eliminate any situations impairing the sense of justice, objective integrity, transparency and impartiality principles within the boundaries imposed by laws in all operations and transactions which it will carry out.

In any operations and transactions it will carry out, 2M Authorised Customs Brokerage bases on universal norms focusing on the outcome of the service which may be called accountability and complies with such norms in both employee recruitment and selection of service recipients in a service approach which does not overlook the requirements and needs of the beneficiaries of the service while pursuing the public interest.