2M A.Ş. was incorporated under the General Communiqué of Customs No. 6 (Authorised Customs Brokerage) issued on the basis of the articles 10 and 226 of the Customs Act No. 4458 and the article 574 of the Customs Regulation published in the Official Journal No. 27369 (duplicate) dated 07/10/2009 affiliated to the Ministry of  Commerce and the Association of Customs Brokers of Izmir and registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Izmir. It is authorised to fulfil any duties assigned for the Authorised Customs Brokerage system in order to apply any determination transactions as deemed necessary by the Ministry for customs regimes with economic impact, end use, simplified procedural practices and subjecting goods to any customs-approved procedure or use as well as any other customs transactions in a correct manner; to enter into any necessary determination contracts; to carry out any necessary preliminary studies and surveys; to carry out any and all determination transactions related to any authorised issues and issue determination reports. Our company further provides any kinds of consultancy services including customs and foreign trading within the scope of its purposes and subject matters. It makes any kinds of organisations such as direct training, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc. for the private sector, public enterprises and public institutions and the managements, employees thereof, natural persons and legal entities. Services are carried out under the supervision of our Authorised Customs Broker at our head office in Alsancak/Izmir and in our office in Aliaga where the facilities of the companies we serve are located.
To satisfy expectations at optimum level, prioritising customer satisfaction in accordance with the legal regulation within the total quality approach. To provide fast, reliable and quality service by making use of technological opportunities. To adopt modern management systems and materialise them through quality and reliable staff members.
To prevent any probable losses of cost, time and work force by quickly and correctly informing the employees in accordance with the incorporation philosophy of our Authorised Customs Brokerage company; to pave the way for and contribute to the development of the sector by offering fast and effective solutions.